1. Terrigal, Summer of ‘14. #olympus #35RC #film #believeinfilm #australia #seeaustralia #ocean #oceanonfilm via @hillvalephoto


  2. Wow. So much mud. Amazing how they just kept playing. So funny.


  3. Lunar Eclipse v2. The red side. #lunareclipse #notreallyiphoneonly


  4. Lunar Eclipse. #lunareclipse


  5. Wagons - “Why Do You Always Cry?”. So good.


  6. I tried that whole “throw enough shit at the wall and hope something will stick”, but now my hands are covered in poo, i’ve got brown smears all over the wall and one hell of a mess to clean up before my girlfriend gets home.


  7. My girlfriend saw the greatest Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree ever last night.


  8. I shot some of my buddy Charl’s collateral. I reckon it came up real nice.










  9. I haven’t done this for a while. Here’s my #pedalboard! There’s a pedal called a Soda Miser on it. #line6 #deviever #sodamiser #klone #pharoah #zvex #tcelectronics #mcfx #dwarfcraft


  10. Forgot about this litle guy i shot for @bridgerdrichmond a few months back. I like it. #pizza #foodporn #foodphotography #interiors #food


  11. I’m not generally one for promoting anyone else’s stuff because i’m selfish and rude, but you should definitely follow @mydadsmymate. It’s the love project of my dear friend and extraordinarily talented photographer @bennycapp. It’s a really lovely project. Get behind it.


  12. Johnny was a fan.. How’s that??


  13. Holy crap. Hilarious.



  15. idiot-legs:


    Thanks to everybody who came along to see my exhibition ‘Shift’ while it was showing at Fort Delta gallery - it was a great success. 
    These are a few photos from the opening night, taken by Kristoffer Paulsen.

    This was Atti’s beautiful exhibition!
    Rad photos, kristofferpaulsen!

    (via lil-c0met)