1. Anti-Protest cops on Flickr.

    Just a few of the lovely blokes that turned up to make sure noone interfered with Napthine’s stupid tunnel the other day.


  2. Josie on Flickr.

    This is my dog Josie. I shot this with my new EOS 5 film camera, with the inbuilt flash. I think I really like the primitive tiny flash unit. Except the camera metering has a hard time figuring out that Josie is meant to be that colour!


  3. View from my desk on Flickr.

    this is what I see out my window while I’m editing. The black line at the bottom is my computer. It makes me feel peaceful. Usually.


  4. Bench on Flickr.

    One of the shots from my first roll off my new Canon EOS 5 film camera. Not sure what it is that I love about this frame. It’s just nice.


  5. @_schules getting hit by a wave of emotion. #wave #kingscliff #nsw #seeaustralia #healthyeating (at Salt Beach)


  6. Trash Metal. #slayer #dumpster


  7. Apparently it almost ALWAYS rains here at Easter. It certainly wasn’t today. Feeling very lucky. #byronbay #aerial #aviation #helicopter #ocean #bluesfest #australia (at Byron Bay Bluesfest)


  8. GET TO THE CHAPPAH! I just went in a helicopter and it was fun. (Yes i am holding three cameras and yes i am a bit embarrassed about it. @laurenbamford will never let me live it down). #aviation #helicopter #ballina #howmanycamerascan YOUfitaroundyourneck


  9. Terrigal, Summer of ‘14. #olympus #35RC #film #believeinfilm #australia #seeaustralia #ocean #oceanonfilm via @hillvalephoto


  10. Wow. So much mud. Amazing how they just kept playing. So funny.


  11. Lunar Eclipse v2. The red side. #lunareclipse #notreallyiphoneonly


  12. Lunar Eclipse. #lunareclipse


  13. Wagons - “Why Do You Always Cry?”. So good.


  14. I tried that whole “throw enough shit at the wall and hope something will stick”, but now my hands are covered in poo, i’ve got brown smears all over the wall and one hell of a mess to clean up before my girlfriend gets home.


  15. My girlfriend saw the greatest Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree ever last night.