1. Lookout! #piercespass #bluemountains #seeaustralia


  2. Clearly @_schules hated cuddling this one day old baby lamb. When she put it back down it started bleating all confused wanting to be picked back up. Kersty thinks it thought she was it’s Mamma. #sheep #lamb #babyanimals


  3. As you can see, @_schules clearly hated cuddling this one day old baby lamb. When she put it back down it started bleating and asking to be picked back up. Kersty thinks it thought it was it’s Mamma. Baaaaa. 🐑 #sheep #lamb #babyanimals


  4. Sunday afternoon stroll. #bluemountains #piercespass #panorama (at Pierce’s Pass)


  5. I got my fashion on today at @snake_in_the_grass in Richmond. Super cool shop!


  6. Check it out. Months after those two crazy chicks @katmagic and @petreadickinson emailed me; their publication @theyoungonesmag is launching this thursday at Happy Valley. And that photo @paulliao and I took in the bathtub at two am one night is on the front cover. Hot damn. Pretty stoked to be in the company of such legends as @heather_lighton_photography, @aliceoehr, @beciorpin and @smalltimebooks. In the interview i talk about being useless at doing things and how I like having money to eat. Heather took this photo.


  7. Just heard this on rrr and it was freakin lovely. Go listen to it. Onya @lulucmusic and onya @feebsquared for playing it.


  8. I went and played music photographer at one of the @somethingforkate 20 year birthday shows tonight and had a nice time. Happy birthday and well done guys. Still killing it. #somethingforkate


  9. This is what happens south of the river when you ask a barista to make a pretty coffee for a photo. #coffee #latteart #tits #thiscoffeeisthetits #boobs #questionabletaste #coffeeculture


  10. AHHHHHHHH. #cat


  11. Ok, so they’ve locked the men’s and i can only go in the ladies but holy whut the graffiti may as well be in another language. #graffiti #theoldbar #melbourne (at The Old Bar)


  12. So we’re starting a studio space! In the space that was formerly Authur’s Circus on Queensberry St, North Melbourne and we’ve got a few desk spaces available. The front half of the space is a shop front, which can serve as a photography shooting space, gallery space, pop-up shop space, event space etc etc. Beautiful natural light. Email me at kris@kristofferpaulsen.com if you’re interested. Photo of desk area in a former (iteration).


  13. An Bang Beach. Looking at a few edits I did on the plane. There was this French family hanging out in front of us and it was so fascinating watching them while we sat and sipped beers on our beach beds. One of the kids was this pastey red-head (the rest of them were as tanned as you could possibly be) who’d obviously been watching the world cup and had been mucking around with the ball pretending he was a soccer star all day. Anyway, in this photo they were playing dodge ball. Despite the fact that he was pretty much totally useless, he took his game very seriously. Also, notice it seems it’s fashion for teenagers to wear their jocks at the beach now. #vietnam #anbang #beach #soccer


  14. And that, was our holiday. Currently eating noodles and drinking Tiger in the Hoi-An Vietnam Air lounge. We’ll be home tomorrow. If I owe you an email, I’m sorry. You’ll get it in the next two days I promise. Huge thanks to @crumpler_hq for kitting us out with luggage, so generous and kind. Check out how well my travel tripod plays with the Vis-A-Vis! See yas all shortly. #vietnam #hoian #travel #crumpler #bagnerds


  15. I liked the little tigers on the local Larue beer cans, and @_schules kept on picking and sniffing the flowers at our hotel, so we thought we’d do a loving homage to our mate @laurenbamford. If you haven’t seen her lovely “Locals” series where she shoots local flowers in local beer cans, you should go look at it. #vietnam #hoian #larue #beer #flowers